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LaSherra Edmonds

Managing Member

LaSherra Edmonds is a professional businessman in consulting and business development with a focus in real estate within the southeast and mid-Atlantic areas.  Having developed a high level of corporate knowledge and experience, LaSherra progressed up the corporate ladder working within the Pharmaceutical Industry with such companies as Merck and Sanofi. She created a successful record that includes several awards and accolades.

As the founder and managing partner of WE & ME Enterprise, LaSherra has created a client base that      operates within the real estate, hospitality, and commodities industries. The clients and business are a network of both international and US based relationships.

Joseph Stoddard

Managing Member

Joseph Stoddard, the visionary behind IMG Group for over 20 years, now serves as the Managing Partner for both the Pivot Group USA and Catalyst Hospitality Group.  Additionally, he holds a position on the board of a nonprofit organization. Celebrated for his expertise in real estate development, business finance, and hotel ownership, Stoddard has carved out a distinguished niche within the industry. His keen acumen for government contracting and successful forays into international commodity trading within the Oil & Gas sector further underscore his impactful business prowess. With an unwavering commitment to success and a strong global network spanning Morocco, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, and the UAE, Joseph Stoddard continues to make a lasting impression on multiple industries and remains a noteworthy figure in the business world.